Startup Summer 2014 Application Process


Startup Summer will (tentatively) run from June 7, 2016 to August 16, 2016 at companies in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Please note that certain companies may request that interns start earlier than June 8 or stay on later than August 17.


The application for Startup Summer will be posted on or around October 9. Please stay tuned to our Twitter account and this website to apply once opened. Applying to Startup Summer involves a multi-staged process to ensure only the best candidates are accepted.   Please note that although we will do our best to stick to the outline below, Startup Summer is a dynamic program involving numerous moving parts, and the application process is subject to change.


To begin the application process, please complete Stage One now. You will then be contacted for Stages Two and Three should you pass the initial screening of Stage One.


Stage One – Initial Screening:


This stage will proceed on a rolling basis, with the final deadline being February 28, 2014.  We strongly suggest applicants apply sooner rather than later.


To Apply:

∙ Please download the application here.

∙ Please submit the following to (subject line: “APPLICATION – [Name of Applicant]“) by February 28, 2014:

1. A filled out application;

2. An up-to-date resume;

3. A two-page cover letter explaining why you are interested in Startup Summer, why you        would be a good fit in the program, and your interest in entrepreneurship; and

4. Two letters of recommendation.

∙ Letters of recommendation can be from someone in any area of your life, including school,           work, volunteer efforts, etc.  The goal is to allow us to hear from others why you would be            an excellent participant in Startup Summer.

∙Letters should be submitted by the recommender to, with           the subject line “Startup Summer Recommendation – [Name of Applicant]“.

∙ Although we prefer letters to come directly from the recommender, we will accept letters           from the applicant if the recommender is unable.

∙ Letters should be submitted in PDF form and signed by insertion of a signature graphic.  If           the recommender is unable to insert a signature graphic and the letter is sent by the           applicant, we will verify the authenticity by contacting the recommender directly.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to apply for an internship with Markit on Demand in Boulder, please follow this link ( to apply directly with them, as soon as possible, and indicate that you are interested in participating in Startup Summer. If you secure an internship with Markit on Demand and want to participate in Startup Summer, we will not require you to complete our application, but will ask that you send us a brief essay (one-page) explaining why you are interested in Startup Summer, why you would be a good fit in the program, and your interest in entrepreneurship. If you still wish to be eligible to apply to other companies, however, you will still need to complete the first stage of the application as outlined above (please note in your application that you have applied to Markit on Demand but are still interested in other companies). We recommend that you do this regardless of your interest in the companies wishing for direct applications because it will allow for the greatest chance of finding an internship position with a Startup Summer company.


Notice of Completeness: Once both of these steps have been completed Startup Summer will notify applicants via email that all materials have been received.  If you believe that all of your materials have been sent and you have not yet received a notice of completeness, please email Jaclyn Freeman at (subject line: “Startup Summer Application Status.”)


Notice of Acceptance:  Within three weeks of the notice of completion, we will review your information, resume, and letters of recommendation and notify you of whether you have been accepted into the second stage of the application process. Please note that during this time we may request to interview you (in person or remotely).


NOTE ON QUALIFICATIONS: Startup Summer does not require any specific qualifications or metrics to apply.  Instead, Startup Summer is looking for highly motivated participants across a broad range of subjects (engineering, computer science, business, etc.), who will excel in a unique environment that requires dedication and self-motivation.  In other words, your GPA is less important than your ability to convey to us your passion for entrepreneurship and why you would be a good fit for this program.


Stage Two – Company Selection:


In Stage Two the accepted applicants will select which companies and positions they would like to apply for.  Applicants will choose and rank their top 5 desired companies. Additionally, we will ask applicants to write brief statements of interest for each company.  Information regarding companies and available positions will be available on the Startup Summer webpage at


Stage Three – Company Interviews & Offers:

After we have received all your rankings and statements of interest, we will pass them along to the companies you have expressed interest in.  At this stage, participating companies have full discretion to choose which applicants they would like to pursue. Most companies will request an interview before making a final hiring decision. We will ask companies to make final decisions by mid-April. Once you have received an offer, we ask that you reply as soon as possible (within one week).


Once you have accepted an offer, you are officially a part of Startup Summer 2014!


If you have any questions, please email Jaclyn Freeman at